Broadband in Wressle and Surrounding Areas

This area of the site has been developed in order to provide the local community with as much information as possible regarding the broadband internet access.

Throughout the meetings held at Wressle village hall, a number of options and an even greater number of questions and issues have been raised. We have tried to address all of these in our questions and answers section, but appreciate that some of you have further questions. Therefore this web site is now working in conjunction with the village meetings, and you can now submit any questions directly by completing the following form.

There are 2 options available in Wressle which will enable us to obtain broadband:-

Option 1 – BT Broadband (we need to campaign for the upgrade to the Hemingbrough exchange)

Option 2 – Satellite Broadband (we need a minimum of 10 people to sign-up, ideally 20 people or more)