There are 2 objectives, either will allow us to receive broadband in Wressle:

Trigger the BT Activation for the Hemingbrough Exchange


Obtain 10 or more sign-ups to receive Satellite


Upgrade to the Hemingbrough Exchange

The aim is to get BT to upgrade the Hemingbrough exchange (currently serving the following villages) in order for local businesses, schools and residents to benefit from access to broadband services.

In order for BT to carry out the necessary work, it requires 400 separate BT account holders to register their interest.

NOTE: It only requires people to register an interest. By doing so, you are NOT committing to take up broadband.

Therefore, our objective at this stage is to campaign for residents, schools and business to simply register their interest. You can do this now by clicking here.

Broadband Services

Once the exchange activation point has been reached, it will take approximately another 2 months before we are able to apply for broadband. It is also important to note that when you do apply for broadband, you do not have to use BT as your service provider. There are now several providers who supply broadband:

British Telecom


The Satellite service can be obtained within 1 month once 10 or more signatures are obtained.

The service is through a company called Ehotspot, who specialise in providing broadband services to rural areas. They are based in Bridlington, and have already provided the service to other communities similar to ours.

The alternative objective is to get Ehotspot to install a satellite in the village. To learn more about this service, please visit

To register for satellite broadband, please click on the following link: