ehotspot can provide a Broadband service with a registration requirement of only 15 people.
How do ehotspot do this? The Broadband signal is brought into the village through the utilisation of satellite technology. The main signal is beamed into a central location where a dish, similar to a SKY dish, then relays the signal around the village via a wireless signal. Each home receives the signal through an external aerial – it works just like your TV aerial reception.
The ehotspot Broadband service is much faster than BT and has no restrictions with regards to the amount of data that can be sent or received.
For anybody that wants to check the service out, a visit to Leven (East of Beverley) and perhaps a drink in the Hare & Hounds pub, would provide you with the opportunity to see first hand how this approach has brought Broadband into a dispersed and remote rural community just like ours.
Full details on the ehotspot service can be found at
Whilst ehotspot require only 15 people to register, this is proving a difficult target to reach. We really need everyone who has expressed an interest in Broadband through perhaps the BT site, to register with ehotspot – unless we all register we wont all get it!

How does ehotspot enable our community?

ehotspot installs a satellite Broadband connection centrally within your community

How fast is the connection?

2MB download 512 upload

How does ehotspot supply the internet connection?

ehotspot supply a wireless link within the community

How do we get connected?

Fill out a the online contract and our installation team will book a survey ASAP
How much does it cost to connect ?

Connection to our network costs £149.00 depending on what hardware is required, included in the installation is configuration, all hardware and cabling required.

What is the monthly charge?

Between £29.99 and £39.99 depending on usage, private / business and location

What hardware is installed in my house / business
A 6" square white box is installed at chimney level approx then a coax cable is tacked down the house and brought into the room where the PC is located. The coax is attached to a wireless bridge (small box the size of an external modem)
The wireless bridge is connected to your PC via ethernet (network card or USB)

How long does it take to do an installation?

On average approx 1- 2 hours.

Does it matter what operating system we have?

We support all Microsoft products from 98 through to windows XP and server 2003
We also support Apple Mac and linux however we will supply to connection via Ethernet but you will have to configure the settings on your machine.

How long is the contract

The ehotspot contract lasts for 12 months

What is the contention ratio

ehotspot contention ratio is between 25:1 – 30:1.

What Is A Contention Ratio?

All ADSL lines – regardless of service provider - are subject to contention, meaning that the network bandwidth available is shared between a number of subscribers. The ratio to which the available bandwidth is shared between users is called the "contention ratio". All UK providers, including BT, are subject to the same contention ratios. Services targeted at casual home users are frequently cheaper, but have a higher contention ratio. This means that the available network capacity is shared between a greater number of users. Business services have a lower contention ratio, which will provide a more consistent level of performance. A 50 to 1 contention ration means the bandwidth may be shared with up to 50 other subscribers, whereas a 20 to 1 contention ration means the bandwidth may be shared with no more than 20 other subscribers.

What security measures are in place on the network?

As with any wired network, you'll want to ensure that your wireless connection is secure. Like your mobile phone, a wireless LAN is constantly broadcasting over the airwaves and you'll want make sure your PC is safe from attackers. ehotspot have set up a three tier security system:

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) - WEP is the underlying security technology provided by the 802.11b standard. WEP encrypts traffic broadcast across a network so that only devices on your network can read it. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, from 60 to 80 percent of all wireless LAN networks operate with WEP not turned on. (Note: A new security enhancement called Wi-Fi Protected Access*, or WPA, is available now and increases wireless network security.)

MAC address - MAC addressing is a form of restriction for specifying the unique hardware address of each authorized user.

8021x - This is the standard for Wireless Networks

Can I access my work network through a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Yes but VPN access via satellite may suffer from slight latency, we recommend that the VPN server you are connecting to should increase packet size to help combat this problem.

Can I have more than one machine at my house / business?

Yes – however we need you to inform us prior to installation as our network operates on static IP address (additional PC’s may carry an additional charge)

Can I use file sharing programs?

We have restrictions on the use of file sharing programmes due to security issues. Ehotspot do not support file sharing, we cannot offer support, help or advice on this subject. The service is blocked via our backhaul provider.

Can I use your system for gaming?

ehotspot does not support gaming due to millisecond latency from satellite feed, they will however work on some servers. Ehotspot cannot offer support or advice on best usage.

What Support System Do We Use?

ehospot has a three tier support system

Tier 1
Telephone support using 01262 400866. 24hr Response
Tier 2 Local support using ehotspot approved trained local suport will troubleshoot the problem and report to head office
Tier 3 Within 48 hours ehotspot will swap out of all equipment

What Factors Can Affect The Speed Of The Internet?

No matter how fast your connection to the Internet, speeds on the Internet itself can affect download performance. Other factors that govern an Internet download speed include:
The performance of the server hosting the requested website
The bandwidth of the connection between the website's server and the Internet
Internet traffic patterns
Router latency
Backbone usage
Type of file transfer (FTP file transfers download faster at higher speeds than HTML web pages.)
Time of day (Certain times of day tend to have higher Internet traffic than others.)
Your PC (Some components may impose speed limitations.)