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What’s an ISP?
Why are there different ISP’s?
Bandwidth speeds
Approximate Costs
How the connection works
Is security an issue?
Can I have more than one PC accessing the internet?

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What’s an ISP?

ISP means Internet Service Provider. They work in the same manner as companies such as Powergen or Yorkshire Water in providing other services to your home or business. They provide you with a service to the internet, irregardless of what technology infrastructure is in place.

There are many ISP’s to choose from, all offering similar internet services. The following are the most common ISP’s offering broadband services.

British Telecom




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Why are there different ISP’s?

Different ISP’s exist simply to compete against one another trying to win your business. Each ISP will offer a similar service, but may vary in subtle ways. For example, some may offer a good introductory price, or better adult supervision controls.

It is worth browsing some of the links detailed above before signing up to an ISP in order to get a service which suits you best. Please note, signing up with a ISP is totally different from registering your interest with BT for broadband.

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Different Bandwidth Speeds

I thought broadband is just broadband, so why all these different speeds? OK, broadband is broadband, but you can obtain a wide variety of speeds. It’s rather like buying a mobile phone, you can purchase several different types of monthly tariffs.

Download Speed

Download is the speed in which files arrive from the internet onto your computer. This is usually higher than the upload speed, as the majority of use on the internet will be downloading files and browsing.

Upload Speed

Upload is sending files from your computer via the internet. The most common of these is sending e-mails. Generally, you are not waiting for files to upload, as you would wait for files to download, so this is based at slower speeds.

Measuring of Speed

The speed or bandwidth of the internet is measured in kbps (kilobits per second). This is how fast electronic data transmits from one point to another.

Bandwidth Table

Service Download Upload
Dial-Up Modem 33kbps – 56kbps 33kbps – 56kbps
ISDN 64kbps 64kbps
ISDN2 128kbps 128kbps
Broadband 150kbps unknown
Broadband 256kbps 128kbps
Broadband 512kbps 128kbps
Broadband 1024kbps or 1Mbps 256kbps

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Approximate Costs

As mentioned earlier, each ISP will vary from one to another, and each will offer the option to choose which bandwidth is most suitable to you. However, as a typical guide, the lower end of the broadband bandwidths will cost approximately £15.00 per month, and the higher end will cost approximately £40.00 per month.

Business users could be expected to pay slightly higher rates.

However, your current ISP will no longer be required. Therefore, whatever price you pay will be saved. In addition, if you have an additional line or BT’s home highway installed, this can also lead to cost savings.

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How the Hardware Works

When the exchange is upgraded BT will be able to carry out the necessary work to convert your existing line to one which can handle broadband. However, please note, that not all lines may be able to be converted on the exchange. BT can only determine this once the exchange has been updated. (Refer to the Questions & Answers for more information).

Once the line has been upgraded the chosen service provider will either install an access point into your house. This looks like a normal BT socket. Your PC will be connected to either this access point or to a modem connected to the access point. The ISP will provide the modem if required. Your PC will then connect to the modem.

Once this is in place, your PC will be constantly connected to the internet working at your chosen bandwidth.

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Is Security an Issue?

If your PC is permanently connected to the internet, then you could potentially leave yourself open to outside hackers. You will need what is known as a firewall in place. The more modern operating systems, such as Windows XP already comes with firewall software in order to protect yourself from outside attacks.

However, you can also purchase an additional piece of hardware know as ADSL routers, which will protect your PC from any harm. This equipment will cost approximately £40

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Can I have more than one PC accessing the internet?

The simple answer is yes. This can be achieved by creating an internal LAN (local area network). Your ISP may be able to help you set this up, however, you may have to pay slightly more for your broadband service.

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